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Terms and Conditions

1. Millennium Recruitment acts as an Employment Agency for the introduction of au pairs to host families in the UK. Engagement of any applicant through the Agency constitutes an acceptance of the following terms and conditions whether or not the family application form has been signed by the host family.

2. The Agency's fees are due in full immediately on acceptance by a prospective host family of one of the Agency's applicants and before the applicant can book and pay for their travel. A 100 % cancellation charge will apply after 14 working days OR if the family has completed and returned the agency paperwork &/OR the au pair has already booked and paid for their travel to the UK.

3. The Agency's fee structure is as follows:


Short term summer stays (between 1st June and 30th September only) £175

SPECIAL OFFER ON SUMMER AU PAIRS: Book a short term summer au pair to start after mid June and you will be entitled to claim a £25 discount on a long term au pair to start in September or October. The charge for a summer au pair is just £175 & the quality of the applicants is very high. Our normal terms and conditions apply.

At other times of the year (Please note that all fees are determined by the length of time the au pair is available to stay for):

Up to 3 months stay £395
4-5 months maximum £475*
6-8 months £550*
9 months plus £650*


All fees are strictly determined by the length of time the au pair is available to stay for.


Au pair couple over 6 months £750
Au pair couple 6 months maximum £650


4. The fees outlined above are determined by the au pair's intended length of stay. The 3 & 4-5 month fees are only for applicants who are unable to commit to a longer stay and may not be used as an initial payment on a longer term applicant. Should the au pair stay for a longer time than the period paid for the difference in fee will be payable.

5. Overdue payments. If the introduction fee has still not been paid despite the arrival of the au pair in the family, interest of 8% per calendar month backdated to the date of the au pair's arrival in the family, will be applied. The agency will also take the necessary legal action to recover the original debt plus the interest and legal expenses. 

6. Once an au pair has been accepted by a family, no refund or credit will be available after more than 14 working days have passed from the date of acceptance OR if the family have completed & returned the agency paperwork &/OR the au pair has already booked and paid for their travel. The full fee will be payable regardless if a family cancels more than 14 working days after having confirmed an offer verbally, in writing, by email or text to the Agency.

7. If an au pair fails to arrive or a visa is refused to an au pair, the Agency will offer an alternative applicant without further charge to be selected from its books ideally within a maximum of 4 weeks for a non-driver and 6 weeks for a driver. If, in the Agency's opinion a suitable replacement has been offered and not taken up, no refund will be payable. Should the Agency be of the opinion that it has been unable to offer a suitable replacement within this timeframe &  the family then decide not to wait any longer for a suitable candidate to become available, a 50% refund may be offered.

8. Should the au pair may not stay for the intended time a replacement will be offered, to be selected from the Agency’s files. A new fee will be due, less the following credits, provided an Au Pair has been granted 2 weeks notice after the following periods. Up to 1 month - a maximum of one free replacement will be provided. 2-3 months - £100 credit, 4-5 months - £50 credit, 6 months maximum when longer was paid for - 10% discount. After 6 months the full placement fee will again be due, though in special circumstances a discount may be given at the Agency's discretion. Please note that, in all cases, credits or replacements can only be given if the original placement fee has been paid on time and in full. Credits and free replacements are valid for a period of 4 weeks for a non driver & 6 weeks for a driver, counted from date of departure of the last au pair provided by the Agency. At least 4 weeks for a non-driver & 6 weeks for a driver must be given by the client for the Agency to offer a suitable free replacement. If, in the Agency’s opinion a suitable free replacement has been offered during that time and not accepted by the client, no refund will be payable. If the Agency is of the opinion that it has been unable to offer a suitable free replacement within 4 weeks for a non-driver and 6 weeks for a driver & should the client not wish to wait any longer for a suitable applicant to become available, the following refunds will apply where the au pair has left their employment within 6 weeks: 0-4 weeks from the agreed commencement date 50% refund. 4-6 weeks from the agreed commencement date 25% refund. This provided no other factor, in the agency’s opinion, precludes this. Unused credits are non-refundable. Exceptions & exclusions. For summer placements of 2-3 months no refunds or replacements are due, except in exceptional circumstances. No refunds, credits or replacements will be payable if an au pair terminates his or her stay or fails to arrive due to an act of war or terrorism, any natural disaster, political event or international pandemic. In addition no refunds, credits or replacements will be payable if, in the Agency's judgement, there has been any misconduct or breach of contract on the part of the family or any other factor precludes this. For examples see clauses 10 -14. Should a client make other arrangements to secure a replacement via another source, or no longer require an au pair, no refund or credit will be given. No refund will be given if a suitable replacement has been refused. If a replacement au pair again leaves or is dismissed within six week, the normal introduction fee may be charged again for the next au pair.

9. The fees charged by the Agency are purely introduction fees and it is up to the family and the au pair to make the arrangement work through good communications. We cannot guarantee that any au pair will complete the full duration of his or her stay. We cannot be blamed when an arrangement breaks down as there are too many factors outside our control.

10. Before notice is given, the host family must use the full one month trial period to train and support the au pair and to give him or her a reasonable chance to improve his or her language, domestic, UK driving and childcare skills. We are on hand to provide advice & support should this be needed & we should be informed if you have serious concerns about the au pair's suitability during the first month, so that we can provide the necessary advice & support to help turn the situation around. Notice may only be given before the trial period has ended in very exceptional circumstances and with the agency's prior agreement. Two weeks' notice will be required by either party prior to terminating an arrangement at the end of the one month trial period. Once a leaving date has been agreed by both parties, neither side may renege on this to suit their own purposes. During the notice period the agency will endeavour, if required, to arrange a new host family for the au pair and a replacement au pair for the existing host family. During the notice period the au pair should be permitted to carry out her duties as normally as possible & must receive her usual pocket money. The two week notice period can only be cut short in very exceptional circumstances with the agency’s prior agreement and under the following conditions: unless it has been established beyond doubt that there has been gross misconduct by the au pair, two weeks' pocket money and the cost of alternative accommodation for the entire period must be paid by the host family to the au pair in lieu of the normal two week notice period. If a family goes against the advice of the agency to use the one month trial period and give the au pair adequate support & time for improvement, or to give two week's notice at the end of the trial period or pay the au pair two weeks’ full pocket money & the cost of alternative accommodation in lieu of notice, the right to a free replacement au pair may be refused by the Agency. In such cases no refund will be given. In all cases, advice and support or replacements can only be given if the original placement fee has been paid in full.

11. Reasons for Dismissal. The Agency reserves the right not to provide a replacement au pair if it considers the reasons for an au pair's dismissal to be grossly unfair. For example, a change in an au pair's plans resulting in an earlier departure date or shorter length of stay than expected is not a valid reason to dismiss an au pair during the trial period.

12. Driving in the UK by an au pair is not recommended by the agency unless strictly necessary. Few au pairs arrive able to drive to a UK standard & most are nervous of driving on the opposite side of the road. The host family must be prepared to pay for formal driving lessons and to invest the time & patience needed to train the au pair. Plenty of practice should be given in opposite side of the road driving and formal driving lessons provided as required during the first 1-3 months. If possible do not introduce any driving at all for the first 2 weeks when the au pair is in an intense familiarisation & adaptation period, even if she herself appears eager to try it. The process should never be rushed as girls can go to pieces or experience sensory overload when they attempt the driving too soon. It is preferable to use public transport or mini cabs until the au pair is fully competent. The agency may refuse to replace an au pair if it is of the opinion that these guidelines on driving tuition have not been followed. The au pair must be fully insured for any accidents or legal liabilities which may arise from her driving the host family's vehicle.

13. Where an arrangement has failed through incompatibility or genuine misunderstanding the Agency will make every effort to find the au pair a new family & to offer the host family a replacement au pair. However in the event of gross misconduct or a serious breach of the terms of employment by the au pair, he/she may put him/herself outside the services of the Agency. If the au pair leaves the family home without respecting the required two week's notice period without good reason, he or she may forfeit the right to further assistance from the agency.

14. Where in the Agency's judgment a family is in breach of the terms of employment, as outlined in the family application form, the Agency reserves the right not to provide a replacement au pair. The Agency considers serious breaches to include cases where, in its judgment, there has been: a failure to pay the amount of pocket money agreed or to provide a separate room & reasonable standard for accommodation for the au pair; unreasonable duties or hours of work; a failure to provide adequate food; physical or verbal abuse of the au pair; a lack of consideration & respect for the au pair as a person; a hostile home environment, sexual harassment of the au pair. A replacement au pair may also be refused in cases where important information which has affected the placement has been withheld or concealed by the host family or if a family has made false, unsubstantiated or malicious accusations against an au pair or deliberately sought to undermine or harm the reputation of an au pair, without just cause, or to damage the reputation of the Agency. We may also refuse to replace an au pair if, prior to their leaving the family, we have tried to speak to the au pair about the reasons for his/her departure but have not been permitted to do so, or if an au pair gives an account of the family which gives rise to serious concerns about the family's suitability. We also reserve the right to refuse to supply a replacement when any other factor, in the agency's judgment, precludes this. In all such cases no refund will be given.

15. Millennium Au Pairs cannot in any way be held responsible for the conduct or character of the au pair and shall not be liable under any circumstances for any loss, damage, expense, claim or injury, howsoever suffered, as a consequence of the introduction or engagement of any au pair introduced by Millennium Au Pairs.

16. We will not accept financial responsibility for any incidental or accidental costs incurred as result of the employment of the au pair. The cost of accidental damage caused to the host family's property, vehicle or other belongings by an au pair should be covered by the host family's own insurance arrangements. Where there is any excess or uninsured accidental damage the host family must pay for the additional or full cost of repairing or replacing the item. Under no circumstances should the au pair's pocket money be forcibly withheld or reduced to cover the cost of any accidental loss or damage. Neither the au pair nor the au pair's parents should be asked to pay for accidental damage to any vehicle driven by the au pair at the request of or with the permission of the host family.

17. Responsibilities of the client. All introductions are made in good faith and information on applicants is made known to prospective host families in the strictest confidence. Clients transferring information supplied by the Agency and resulting in the engagement of a candidate by a third party will be liable to pay the full fee for that engagement and these terms and conditions shall apply accordingly.

If a client registers with us for a new au pair and subsequently hires an au pair whose details were displayed at that time on our website & were sent to them or discussed with them as a potential match, they will be liable for the full introduction fee no matter how they came into direct contact with the applicant. In other words the Client agrees to not take on a candidate by or via a third party (other agency, website or similar) if the candidate was put forward by the Agency beforehand. If the Client does so, the relevant agency fee will become payable.

It is the obligation of the Client to immediately inform the Agency when a Candidate is introduced by the Agency who has already been introduced by a third party. If the Client does not so inform the Agency then it will be presumed that the introduction has been made by the Agency and the relevant agency fee will become payable. 


Au pairs introduced by the Agency must not be asked to divulge contact details of any friends or acquaintances who may also be seeking or planning to seek au pair positions in the UK through Millennium Au Pairs & its network of overseas partners. Should a family obtain contact details of one of our registered au pairs or an au pair with the intention of registering in this manner, they will be liable for the full introduction fee.


The Client shall notify The Agency either verbally or in writing immediately a candidate introduced or supplied by the Agency, is engaged by the Client. As a result of such engagement, the Client agrees to pay an introduction fee in accordance with the Agency Scale of Fees (see above) upon confirmation of placement (verbally or in writing).The  Client shall not encourage a candidate to start/arrange travel prior to the full agency fee being paid.

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